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This blog post is connected to my previous post where I linked to another blog that wrote about the issues with transphobia within feminism.

Julie Bindel, a radical lesbian feminist. Is also transphobic and a hypocrite. In her world there is no transsexual women or men, no trans people what so ever. We are all just performing in her eyes. She talks about it not existing any female or male brain, and so on. I’m NOT going to discuss this. Only how her own arguments do not add up, and also how she is such a fucking hypocrite.

First, she talks about trans women and men being gender essentialists. But what is gender essentialism if not having a view that a person cannot be a woman unless she was born female? What is this if not directly connecting sex with gender? Like being a woman is something that can never ever change. This is gender essentialism, that feminist like Jule Bindel so often use to attack trans people with.

Transphobic feminist like Julie Bindel often talks about a universal women experience. Sorry but women in all walks of life have different experiences depending on different oppression’s that intersect.  Yes there are experiences women get from living in a patriarchal world, but don’t deny women all there other experiences based on race, sexuality, disability, etc. These feminist also, for example, might say ”a woman is a person with a uterus”, oh really? What about women who was born female but because of a reason they have no uterus? Or women who had cancer and had to remove it? Are these women no longer women? See how these bullshit arguments do not hold up?

Julie Bindel is a hypocrite: In this article she talks about ”fun feminism”, she says:

”Fun feminism” isn’t feminism at all. It is about the rights of the individual. In the ”fun feminist” world, anything goes, no matter how destructive or harmful it may be to the individual or to women as a class.

For heterosexual women, feminism can be a nightmare. Women are the only oppressed group who are expected to love their oppressor. But please stop trying to play nice. Until we overthrow male supremacy and admit that male power is the problem, not radical feminism, nothing will change.

Funny, Bindel. Considering your own love for gangsta rap with it’s extreme misogyny. On twitter she excused Snoop Doggs constant misogyny. So how about YOU stop playing nice and overthrow that male supremacy, Bindel? Or are you to in love with catering to chauvinist men like Snoop Dogg? So much for being that ”perfect” radical feminist and calling other feminists out for being faux feminists. Look in the fucking mirror, Julie Bindel, and realize you are no better then those you call ”fun feminists”. The difference is that you’re a hypocrite and can’t stand being called out. I should now, I called you out on Twitter on your love for Snoop Dogg, and what did you do? Block me. Yay…